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How to choose a dating sites

How to choose which dating site to join.

so you are looking to join the online dating world, but you are not sure which one would be the right one for you, there seems to be quite many options out there, free dating sites, social networks, specialized personal communities… so how would you know which opportunity is right for you?


Free vs. Paid dating sites.
why should you join a paid dating site when there are quite a few free sites where you can socialize and contact people?


Paid dating sites offer more focused opportunities for you to find the right match for you, while in a social network like facebook or myspace when you approach someone personally the intention is not clear, on a dating site, it is strait forward that you are both interested in meeting someone and now you have to see if you are the right fit, you are not taking a risk that that person is in a relationship, not interested, if they set up a profile on a dating site, they are available to meet people, and waiting to hear from singles just like you.


The act of paying for a dating service online creates a level of commitment between the site users, while in other free sites, people open a profile and don’t take the time to check - respond to messages, develop their online identity and follow up. a paid dating site, even if the fee is very nominal¬†¬† help to establish a level of seriousness from the community around it, people there are looking to connect with someone and value others time, interests and privacy.


Specialized - Niche sites
General dating sites like match.com, yahoo personal or lavalife offer access to large communities, singles and individuals like yourself who are looking to connect with like minded people. they may be the best channel for many people, though if you know what kind of relationship you are looking for you may benefit from joining a site who specialize in the type of niche you are looking for.


If finding a partner who share the same spiritual life style is important for you, sites who provide services for communities based on religious like CatholicMingle.com, ChristianCafe.com or jDate.com may be the right fit for you. if race is important to you you may choose a community like InterracialSingles.com or BlackSingles.com. if you are looking for a same sex partner you most likely to find more success in sites like gay.com. and even if you are a single parent looking to connect with someone you would look into SingleParentsMingle.com, a community which would fit to the relationship you are looking for.


As you can see there are quite a lot of good options to choose from, using an online dating site to find the right match for you gives you a better opportunity to find the right match for you - its easy!


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What is Online Dating?

The online dating concept is simple. People from all over the world meet new contacts after eligible matches in a private and low profile environment. The dating sites are grouped by age, gender, origins, educations and locations. This eliminates the need for formal introductions by friends and family members. The system enables people of all kind to interact with one another. Everyone can easily find a women, girls, men, gay, girl, wife, polish, Tamil, Christian, Jewish, students, singles, adults, sex contacts, friendship, meeting, dating, speed dating, chatting, online flirting and dating services.


Safe dating: To prevent yourself from undesirable contacts we have compiled a list of tips to help you be on the safe side. Read more about safe dating. If you want to check a person’s background here you find online www.records-access.com.


Choosing the right dating site for you: There are a lot of dating sites on the web, click this link to learn how to pick the right dating site for you!


Wherever you are looking for or where you live you can easily find it in the leading online date sites. Some people looking for fun, club or swingers, other people looking for friends and contacts.


Start your engine. After filling your online profile you can immediately start chatting and getting a lot of new friends. You can then meet some of them for a date.


Need advice for meeting in person for the first time? Read our tips now! Do and do not do and Where to meet.


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Where to meet someone for the first date?

The purpose of the meeting is getting know each other. It’s better to meet in a place you can talk comfortably. here are a few ideas which might make your choice easier.


Chat strolling though interesting places is much better than facing each other interrogation style across a table. Zoo, exhibition, art gallery, museum, market, countryside walk, or just mosey though an interesting part of town.


Everyone’s happy browsing a bookshop, so if either of you are late it won’t spoil things. In addition, books provide instant chat topics.


Where the atmosphere is relaxed, inexpensive, and provides the opportunity to talk in a safe environment.


Choose a warm and cozy restaurant that is not too intimate so you both feel at ease, better at lunch or early dinner.


Where you can have a few drinks and perhaps dance. This is not a bad option because talking is usually difficult with the music and noise.


Theater or cinema
You can share nice experience but NEVER on a first date. Talking is impassible so you and your date are not focusing fully on each other.


This is never a good option in that you really do not yet know the person.


Parent’s Home
This is a bad choice; you do not know this person yet.


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Meeting for the First Time

When meeting in person for the first time, even after spending adequate time chatting with him, you now need to use a set of precautions:


  • Do: Meet in a safe, public location where there are other people around. Typically, a restaurant or coffee shop would be the best choices.
  • Do not: Meet at home or at parent’s home
  • Do: Make sure a friend knows where you are meeting. If you change your plans, always let someone know
  • Do: Drive your own car so you have the opportunity to leave if you feel uncomfortable or things do not go as planned.
  • Do not: Have the person pick you up in his or her car.
  • Do: Set up at a time when you are comfortable.
  • Do not: Feel pushed into meeting at a precise time or place.
  • Do: If you need to fly or drive to another city or state to meet this person, make your own hotel arrangements in a reputable hotel and do not share the information.
  • Do not: Meet at the hotel lobby, as the purpose is to have a safe haven.
    Before or after you try online dating, if you want to check a person’s background, this is the best online service we’ve found. www.records-access.com.


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Safe Dating

While the vast majority of people can be trusted, you must be aware of predators, scammers and online liars. To prevent yourself from undesirable contacts we have compiled a list of tips below to help you be on the safe side.
Always trust your instinct, after all it has got you this far in life already. If at any point you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, if something seems strange, odd, unusual or scary, walk away for your own safety and protection and watch out for anyone who seems too good to be true.


Here are a few points to look after:

  • Take your time and view plenty of personal ads first. Don’t be rushed. Take your time getting to know people better and develop a trusting relationship.
  • Do not publish your phone number or email address in personal ads. Don’t provide your home or work address to anyone you have not met.
  • Do ask lots of questions when chatting. Ensure you feel comfortable at all times whoever you are chatting with.
  • Before agreeing to a date, ensure you have as much information about your date as possible. Make sure you see plenty of photos if possible of the person you make friends with Chat on the phone for a while before arranging a date.
  • Before or after you try online dating, if you want to check a person’s background, this is the best online service we’ve found. http://www.records-access.com.
  • When you’re ready to meet someone, how do you ensure your safety when meeting someone in person for a first date?
  • Never arrange for your date to pick you up at home. Instead, meet in a public place that is well known and convenient to you during daylight hours. Coffee shops, bookstores and art galleries are generally good choices. Lunchtimes are good for dating, convenient, and they have a time limit.
  • Be careful about giving out too much personal information during a first date. If you’re unsure about the person, avoid telling him or her where you work, live, or go to school. In general, it’s best to stay vague.
  • Make your own travel arrangements. Do not get into a car alone together. If you want the date to continue on, and you need to change locations, either share a cab or drive your cars separately.
  • Avoid alcohol and other drugs. They can make it difficult to think clearly or cause you to behave in ways you wouldn’t normally behave.
  • Always carry a cellular phone on a date. Have a trusted friend “on call” that will come to meet you or call you with a handy excuse.


In aside to that, the majority of people are just like you, don’t let this put you off. Enjoy your first date and have fun!!